SloStudio (along with several others) is sponsoring a Finish-A-Long for 2016 to motivate those of us who need to finish up some long overdue WIPs.  There will be prizes too for some of those who complete projects on their list!

I have several WIPs that need to be revived, but I’m going to narrow it down for the first quarter.  On my list are:

The Cotton + Steel Mustang Quilt-The quilt top is completed, and I just need to quilt and bind it.
Mustang Quilt

The Meadowbloom Quilt-Again, I have a completed quilt top.  It just needs to be quilted and bound.
Meadowbloom Quilt

Jumbo Raspberry Kiss Quilt-This project is currently a fabric pull and pattern.  I have enlarged the original Raspberry Kiss block.  My plan is to use this Mingle fat quarter bundle and a light gray as the background.  This quilt will be for a teenager, and I’m hoping to make it large enough (at least twin sized) so that she can take it to college in the fall.  This is one I may have to send off to be quilted.  I’m not confident in my ability to tackle a quilt that large yet!
Mingle FQ Bundle

Varsity Rail Fence Quilt-I have this jelly roll of Varsity fabric.  I’m planning to make this into a quick rail fence jelly roll quilt with 6″ finished blocks.

Varsity JR

I’ll be thrilled if I can complete all four by the end of March!

2016 Word of the Year

It’s been awhile (okay, months) since I blogged, but things were pretty hectic with the holidays and all of the activities and events that come with that time of year.  I also have other BIG news, but that will come later…

I’ve finally had some time to reflect on the last year, and I have decided to choose a single word to focus on during 2016.  I’ve never been successful with resolutions, but I think having a single word (or theme if you will) for the year will help me become a better Christian, wife, friend, daughter, etc.

My word of the year is this:

to make something easier to do or understand;
-to reduce to basic essentials
-to diminish in scope or capacity
-to make more intelligible


I love this quote.  I need to simply my life “so that the necessary may speak.”  Think about that for a minute.  How often do we let little things in life overtake what’s really important?

My goal this year is to simplify my life, whether that means eliminating excess “stuff” that I don’t need, dropping toxic people in my life, or just taking time for me and saying “no” if something doesn’t make me happy or fit into my schedule.  Eliminating the unnecessaries in life will allow me to focus my time and energy on what is important and makes me happy.

Do you have a word or theme for the year?  How would you simplify your life so that the “necessary may speak?”

Here’s to a simpler and better 2016!!